need-a-dress-hangarsWANT A DRESS?

Do you want to go to prom in the dress of your dreams but simply cannot find an affordable dress? High school students face challenges every day, and going through this important rite of passage should not be an additional stress. The Bella Project truly believes that every high school woman deserves to feel beautiful on the day of her prom, and we are here to make your dreams come true. We are here to make you the “bella of the ball” – for free!


The Bella Project collects new and virtually new formal dresses and accessories and provides them free of charge to high school women in Hawaii at the Bella Boutique. We welcome any high school woman unable to purchase her own prom attire, and no proof of financial need is required. However, we do require that our “bellas” observe the following guidelines.

Each bella…

  • must be currently enrolled in a high school in Hawaii.
  • must be present at the boutique. Family members and/or friends cannot obtain the dress for you.
  • must provide a valid school I.D. card or other proof of current enrollment at the boutique.
  • must register with The Bella Project at the boutique.
  • will receive one dress at the boutique. Additional related accessories and makeup will be provided, if available.
  • will not be allowed to exchange a dress once she has checked out of the boutique.

Following these guidelines ensures the Bella Boutique will be a fun and memorable experience for all of the bellas in attendance.


The Bella Project organizes all of its dresses and accessories into one location – the Bella Boutique. The Bella Boutique takes place in the fall and early spring and provides a fun, respectful atmosphere where bellas can shop for the dress of her dreams. Each bella will be paired up with a volunteer personal shopper to guide her through the boutique. Let’s get ready to have some fun!

Here’s what you can expect on the day of the Bella Boutique…

  • Bring your valid school I.D. to the location of the boutique. Date and location details of the boutique can be found on the Want A Dress page.
  • To enhance and expedite the shopping experience for each Bella, chaperones and guests will be asked to wait for the Bella in the boutique’s waiting area.
  • Please leave all bags/purses at home. You will be required to check all bags/purses into our secure coat check while shopping in the boutique.
  • The boutique is on a first come, first serve basis. Check in at the door to receive your place in line and proceed to the waiting area. Each bella must wait for a volunteer personal shopper to become available to begin shopping. Please plan accordingly.
  • The personal shopper will guide you through the boutique’s broad selection of dresses. There will be many sizes, styles, and colors of fashionable dresses from which to choose, and each one is looking for a good home!
  • Upon selecting a dress, the personal shopper will assist you in finding matching accessories, such as purses, jewelry or gloves, when available.

Now you’re ready to dance the night away!

Please keep in touch with us! Send your prom stories and pictures of you in your new dress to:

Our next event is on Saturday, October 19, 2019.