As a volunteer-based organization, The Bella Project is successful due to the generous efforts, hard work, and compassion of its volunteers.  With your help, The Bella Project is able to effectively organize and execute its various fundraising events, dress drives and the Bella Boutique.  All of these events are integral to the organization’s mission, and we are extremely grateful to those who donate their time and talents.


The Bella Boutique is the pinnacle event for the students we serve.  In the fall and early spring, The Bella Project organizes a boutique to distribute its donated dresses, shoes and accessories to the bellas of Hawaii.  There are many opportunities to become involved at the Bella Boutique, including…

  • Set Up – Setting up the boutique includes transporting donations from storage to the boutique site, setting up dress racks and tables, organizing dresses and shoes by size and color, and arranging the accessories and make up tables.
  • Registration – On the day of the boutique, volunteers will be reviewing registration forms completed by the bellas, checking identification and managing the coat check provided for bags and personal items.
  • Personal Shoppers – Upon entering the boutique, each bella will be paired with a volunteer to guide them through the boutique and to help them find the dress and accessories perfect for them.
  • Operations – To ensure the boutique runs smoothly throughout the day, volunteers will be assigned to and oversee the various rooms (i.e. dresses, shoes, etc.) and to answer questions.
  • Check Out – Once the bellas collect their prom attire, they will go to check out where volunteers will verify the items received by each bella and bag the dresses and accessories.
  • Break Down – Once the boutique’s activities conclude, remaining dresses and accessories, dress racks and supplies need to be packed up and transported to storage.

Volunteers at the Bella Boutique must be over 18, female and not in high school.  However, males may volunteer for set up or break down.

For the most up-to-date information about the Bella Boutique, please sign up visit Instagram: or Facebook:


In order to raise funds for operations and to gather donations of prom attire for the Bella Boutique, The Bella Project conducts various fundraising events and dress drives during the summer and winter months.  If you are interested in coordinating a private dress drive for your friends, neighbors or co-workers, please contact a board member via email or visit us at

Thank you for your interest in and continued support of The Bella Project.  Our success would not be possible without you!