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The Bella Project promotes self-confidence, individual beauty and diversity by providing new and virtually new prom dresses and accessories free of charge to underprivileged high school women in Hawaii. The organization carries out its mission utilizing the support of volunteers, individual donors and corporate partners in the community. Volunteers collect donations of dresses, shoes, jewelry and accessories throughout the year via donation drives and organize them for a giveaway event located centrally in Honolulu in the fall and early spring.

In addition to our giveaway events, The Bella Project also partners with and provides dresses to the Boys & Girls Club, Foster Care of Hawaii, Goodwill of Hawaii, Kapiolani Medical Center (hospital), Peter’s Prom (special needs) and the Fallen Heroes Military Ball.  We also partner with other non-profits within the community to send dresses to the neighbor islands of Maui and Molokai. Through these efforts, The Bella Project annually serves 500 low income, special needs, critically ill and military high school girls throughout the State of Hawaii.

The organization is funded through fundraising events, individual and corporate donations, and in-kind contributions. All activities conducted by the organization, including donation drives, fundraising events and the giveaway event, are 100% dedicated to the charitable purpose of making prom affordable for every high school woman in Hawaii.

See our video by Dayton Morinaga: The Bella Project


The mission of The Bella Project is to make prom affordable for every high school woman by collecting formal dresses and accessories and providing them free of charge to those unable to purchase their own prom attire. The Bella Project promotes self-confidence, individual beauty and diversity among teenage women in Hawaii and provides a fun, respectful atmosphere for our volunteers and the students we serve.



Accountability, trust and transparency are paramount to the values of The Bella Project. Rest assured that your donation is safe and will be used to ensure that “Every Bella Deserves a Beautiful Prom” is not just a tag line, but a mantra. Stewardship of funds is a primary objective of the organization’s leaders.


Contact us directly at the emails listed above or message us at www.facebook.com/thebellaproject.


What does “bella” mean?

“Bella” translates into the word “beautiful” in many languages. People in today’s society think of beauty as what they see in magazines or on television, but what makes a person truly beautiful lies much deeper within the person. Whether it’s through creativity, intelligence, compassion or grace, there is beauty within every one of us. The Bella Project wants every high school woman to recognize the beauty within herself and to truly feel beautiful on her prom day and every day thereafter.

For Bellas

Where and when can I get a dress from The Bella Project?

The Bella Project distributes the dresses and accessories it receives through the Bella Boutique. The boutique is held twice per year during Fall and early Spring in Honolulu, Hawaii. More information, including date, time and location, please visit:  http://www.facebook.com/thebellaproject

Who is eligible to receive a dress from The Bella Project?

Any woman currently enrolled in a high school in Hawaii is eligible to attend the Bella Boutique. Although we do not require proof of financial need, students must present a valid school I.D. or other proof of current enrollment. Please visit the Want a Dress page for bella guidelines.

Are the dresses and related accessories really free?

Yes! The Bella Project provides its bellas with dresses and accessories free of charge.

For Donors

Can I make a cash donation to The Bella Project?

Yes, please email us for details or you may donate online.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated! You will receive a thank you letter shortly after making your donation acknowledging receipt of your contribution. Please keep this letter for you tax records.

What will my cash donation be used for?

Cash donations will be used to fund the operations of The Bella Project, including:

  • Purchasing racks and supplies for the Bella Boutique;
  • Renting space for the Bella Boutique giveaway events;
  • Renting storage facility space for the Bella Boutique inventory;
  • Purchasing dresses sizes 0-2 and 16+, and shoes size 10+ to make up for shortfalls in donations; &
  • Publicity materials.

What clothing donations are suitable for The Bella Project?

The Bella Project accepts new or virtually new formal gowns, shoes, and accessories, as well as unopened make-up and skincare items. Accessories include jewelry, purses, gloves, and/or wraps. Donations must be in EXCELLENT condition and appropriate for high school girls to wear to prom. Please review our Donation Guidelines for more information.

How can I donate clothing to The Bella Project?

The Bella Project will be collecting donations via dress drives throughout the community. Please visit our Donations page for more information about dress drives and drop off locations.

If you are interested in organizing a dress drive to support The Bella Project, please contact the board directly or visit www.facebook.com/thebellaproject.

If you represent a business interested in making a large in-kind donation of dresses and/or accessories, please contact the board directly or visit www.facebook.com/thebellaproject.

How can my business help The Bella Project?

The Bella Project relies heavily on the generosity of businesses in the community to carry out its operations.  We consistently need assistance with the following:

  • Space for the boutiques;
  • Additional storage facility space for the Bella Boutique inventory;
  • Retail clothing supplies, such as dress racks, hangers, plastic garment bags, and shopping bags;
  • Special prizes to give away to the bellas at the Bella Boutique; and
  • Salon services, such as hair and makeup, to provide to the Bellas.
  • Charitable monetary donations

For Volunteers

What can I do as a volunteer for The Bella Project?

The Bella Project’s success depends on its volunteers.  We are always looking for volunteers, and there are many ways to support the organization, including working at fundraising events, organizing dress drives, setting up the boutiques at our annual giveaway events, and being a personal shopper at the Bella Boutique.  Please visit our Volunteer page for more information on volunteer opportunities.